Led by the father and son team of Frank and Jim Reed, R&R Technologies, Inc. (R&R) has over 40 years of experience in the industries of Drum Recycling Furnaces, Pyrolysis (Thermal Conversion), Air Pollution Control Equipment, Waste Heat Boilers and Co-generation. R&R holds intellectual rights for their Drum Recycling Furnaces and multiple Pyrolysis systems. Frank Reed is also published in documentation by Air Pollution Management district and is the recognized expert on Drum Reconditioning Furnaces and Waste Heat Recovery.

Our Environmental Services

We work closely with our clients to determine the best possible solution for each situation providing an array of services.

  • Drum Furnaces
  • Pyrolysis systems
  • Air Quality Systems
  • Automated drum reclamation furnace
  • Activated Carbon Regeneration
  • Waste Management Systems
  • Biomass/Tires/MSW to Energy
  • Project Consultation

Proprietary Pyrolysis Systems & Processes


Feedstocks are never incinerated. The processing method is to heat any organic material in the absence of oxygen. First, the solid fuel is shredded and blended and fed through an airlock system to ensure an oxygen-deficient environment in the retort chamber. The units then heat the materials to required temperatures. (More Information)



Biochar – Soil Amendment

The biochar is very useful as a soil conditioner for agriculture as it improves the soil function, assists with the retention of moisture and reduces soil acidity.

The market for biochar, particularly for use in soil enhancement, is growing rapidly world-wide and while regulation and certification of this product is in the early stages of development, biochar is now recognized under the Federal Government’s recently.. (more information)

Drum Reclamation Furnace (DRF)

The DRF has an integral Thermal Oxidizer for control of air emissions, including VOCs, odors, smoke, and particulate. In most cases the DRF will meet the particulate limitations. However, where there are unusually stringent requirements for controlling particulate emissions, the DRF is fitted with a lime-injected filter system which removes particulates from the exhaust stream. (More Information)



Thermal Oxidizer (Air Quality)

Thermal oxidizers, or thermal incinerators, are combustion devices that control VOC, CO, and volatile HAP emissions by combusting them to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. Thermal oxidizers are similar to catalytic oxidizers (catalytic oxidizers use a catalyst to promote the oxidation reaction).  (More Information)